We miss the simpler ways of doing business, and want to bring those days back for everyone!

So we asked ourselves, “what used to be great about heading down to your local supplier to do business?” It always came back to the same few points…feeling like you are a part of the family, honesty, and a product you were proud to be a part of, and can call your own. Well, what better way to feel like you are a part of the family, when our company name IS our family. We took the first initial of our three daughters’ names…and VIOLA… MAD Studio Rentals was born. If you’ve ever been to our second home in Burbank, it’s not rare to see them zooming for school, pulling gear to be loaded onto a truck, chatting up our clients, or showing them their new skateboard trick…and even better is when they get shown a trick or two!

Our Values

We want to bring back the wonderful mom and pop one stop shop feeling, with all the benefits, knowledge, and experience of those other big guys. Combined we have over 15 years experience in all facets of production; from production accounting, PA, set dressing, Leadman, voice over work, and set construction…we have combined the best of both worlds…finance meets artistic!!

Our commitment to remaining a family business; sharing those values we hold near and dear with both our clients and community is very important to us. Our focus is to build strong working relationships, work as best we can to keep you within your budget, and to supply high quality production rental equipment that you can be proud to display on any job, while remaining flexible to ensure you can book your projects with confidence and ease.

We are continually growing here at MAD, and so is our reputation!

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