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You’ll never sweat the small or big stuff with MAD Studio Rentals. You can rest easy knowing your production stays on budget and always looks great in the process!

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Production Supplies

Art Department

We have everything you need to transport and keep your art pieces and props safe and secure during transport and on set.


Make sure to keep your set covered from the sun and elements with our assortment of canopies.

Chairs and Tables

Chairs and tables for directors and staff, and everything you’ll need to store and transport them on set.


A set can get hectic without the right lines of communication. We’ve got everything you’ll need to make sure everyone on set stays informed.

Dollies, Magliners, & Carts

With all the camera equipment and props on set, we know it can get problematic having to move all that around. We’ve got your back with the right equipment to make sure everything gets moved quick, and safely.


  1. There’s always those must have items that get used up and are gone before you can restock. Rest assured because we can help you restock your supply before your next shoot.

Generators, House and Garden

Whether it’s getting power to your equipment or provided the tools you’ll need in a home or garden setting, we’ve got everything everything you’ll need.

Grip Equipment

It’s always important making sure your grips have all they need to make sure everything runs smoothly on set. We’ve got you covered.

Heating and AC

We’ve got the best fans and heaters available to make sure you can control the temperature on your set.

Craft Services

We’ve got a good inventory of containers for transporting perishables or any items of the like.

Traffic and Safety

Safety is a major concern during any shoot. We provide equipment to make sure all staff is save in and around traffic, while on a shoot.


It’s an understatement that having good lighting during a shoot is important. We supply powerful lights to make sure your set is well lit no mattter the time of day.


Clothing is one of the most important things with any good production. We have the perfect equipment and supplies to make sure your wardrobe department runs smoothly at all times.

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